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Successfull story

Dr. Eugene Rutayombya / Managing Director, Clinique MporeLiberté

“We have continually been taking the services of MESC to receive suitable candidates in our Clinic and recently signed anMoU with the centre and our collaboration is growing. We are very satisfied with applicants who have applied through the centre. They are well prepared andcommitted to the job. We had our first inteArn Aline in May 2017 for six months who was verywell prepared by the centre. She demonstrated strong skills that were an asset for our company.She is now our employee. We now have a second intern, Zita, through MESC.”

Successfull story

Aline Umutoni / Cashier, Clinique MporeLiberté

“As soon as I finished my study at ULK in accounting, I approached MESC. Two months afterregistering, I landed an internship opportunity with the Clinique MporeLiberté, which endedup with an employment contract. This has made me an independent woman. MESC provided me trainings on entrepreneurship and job search and supported me throughoutthe recruitment process by teaching me how to apply, how to write an application letter and howto behave during interviews. I encourage the youths to visit the centre.”


Fabrice Kwizera / Managing Director, Best View Hotel.

“Hiring employees in the hospitality sector is competitive and challenging. There are very few employees and many people seeking jobs. Often we receive people who lack career direction,qualifications or are not ready to handle the position.
What MESC is doing is commendable, preparing young people with no experience to acquirethe skill-sets that are required in various jobs. From an employer’s point of view, the servicesthat MESC offers is very helpful, for example, pre-screening saves me a lot of time. Hence I canconsider working with MESC.”

Successfull story

Umurerwa Yvonne / Intern, Best View Hotel

“It was difficult finding a job after I finished my education in 2014, until I joined the MESC.The centre was very supportive, providing various trainings on ICT, inter-personal skills, Englishlanguage, preparing CVs and applying online. I did not know about customer care or good service delivery, but now I am well equipped and confidently putting it into practice everyday.”

Successfull story