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WeCode the Future – Empowering Rwandan Women in Technology

In Rwanda, digitalisation has the potential to create new, well-paid jobs. However, since the IT-sector is traditionally a masculine domain, so far mainly men have profited from this development. WeCode is a Rwandan software academy that works to close the gender gap by supporting women in the IT-sector. As part of GIZ´s Promotion of Economy and Employment Programme, WeCode trains women for the local and the international market. In the local market approach women are trained to become full-stack or mobile-app developers in a period of 25 weeks. The graduates are matched with regional and local employers. The international market approach consists of a two months competency-based training. Besides skills in Quality Assurance (QA) Software Testing, the women learn work-readiness competencies that are needed to adapt to the needs of clients in the quickly changing IT-sector. The women are trained in teams, ranging from project managers to QA experts. After graduation they can gain work experience with WeCode in a four months internship, where they continue to work in teams on international tech services projects brought into Rwanda and delivered in Rwanda.